Texas Original one-of-a-kind

A Texas Original one-of-a-kind
Manufactured in Texas in 1906!

With nearly 26 years experience in producing quality Nickelodeons, Calliopes and Band Organs we give you this extraordinary Machine! This piano was orginally manufactured for the Thos Goggins Bros piano company in Galvaston, Texas, around 1906. The cabinet is Grade 3, using Tiger Oak paneling, it also has Stylish Legs, marked by elegance. It has nice molding, and the lid follows a path around the pilasters. Tiger Oak wood is accented with custom glass, The stain glass is one of a kind, with the Star of Texas and Live Oak leaves and was custom designed and built by the renowned Sassins Door and Glass Gallery, San Antonio, Texas. This is truly a one-of-a-kind Piano, with Base Drum and Timpani Beaters, Snare Drum with tap and roll, and an exciting reiterating Tambourine. It can be operated continuously at the flip of the on and off switch or songs can be played one at a time with the 25 Cent Coin-op. There are up to 15 songs per roll, and it automatically rewinds and starts over again. Thousands of songs are available! Double wheeled Casters provide extra support for this magnificent machine. Normal retail price for a grade 3 piano like this is $13,500. Delivery is available Worldwide. For instance, we can ship anywhere in United States for around $800.00. Our special price for this custom built piano is an astonishingly low: $12,000.

Don't Miss Out on this Texas Sizzler of a Deal

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