Calliope Model D42R

Painted Red with Gold trim the D42R is our most POPULAR band organ. It contains 42 Calliope Pipes, Bass and Snare Drums with solid brass hardware, Cymbal and Triangle. It is COIN-OPERATED or continuous free play that accommodates 10-15 tune "0" rolls that automatically rewind to play again. 5' wide and 4'3" high and 23" deep it weighs about 180 lbs.

Drawing about 8 amps at 110 volts AC, the D42R plays nicely with a 1000 watt generator or 1200 watt inverter available from us. Our traditional air calliope is perfect for your home - carousel - fun center or concession. It is price assembled and ready to go for only: $12,850.00

Note: I have one unit in stock that has been used in several parades. It works fine. It is available now for the discounted price of only: $9,500.00 plus delivery from San Antonio, Texas.

Use our Calliopes for Parades, Celebrations and Parties!

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